Mayor Eric Adams tried to sell New York’s street cred by mocking Kansas for not having a “brand” the way his city does. 

Adams, in taking the bizarre jab at the Sunflower State, was discussing the establishment of tent cities for illegal immigrants currently overrunning the city and forcing their resources to a “breaking point.”

“We have a brand. New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something … Kansas doesn’t have a brand,” the Democrat mayor said. “When you go there, okay, you’re from Kansas. But New York has a brand.”

Adams’ entourage at the podium was seen laughing at his comments.

The feeling of watching the elites talking down to people they perceive as midwest rubes was palpable.

The irony of attacking middle America while his city turns into the third world didn’t seem to occur to anyone else, either.

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Eric Adams Gets Roasted For Bragging About NYC’s ‘Brand’

If living in a crime and drug-ridden cesspool of over-priced and underwhelming left-wing politics is your ‘brand,’ Eric Adams, then yea, we suppose NYC is one up on Kansas.

Viewers of the mayor’s antics took notice and raked him over the coals.

Liberal political activist Don Winslow even slammed Adams for the elitist take.

“You don’t need to crap on Kansas to pump up NYC. That clip will be played by Republicans for years,” he tweeted. “You’re terrible at this.”

If you think his messaging is bad, Don, wait until you see his track record as mayor.

Canary CEO Dan K. Eberhart also took aim at Adams over his branding comments.

“This is what Democrats really think of you,” Eberhart wrote. “If you aren’t from a big city on the coast, they couldn’t care less about you.”

Fact check: True.

Conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan pointed out, “People are fleeing your corrupt and dangerous city to go to places like Kansas.”

“Maybe your ‘brand’ isn’t what you think it is,” Sullivan added, complete with an apropos clown emoji.

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Here’s New York City’s ‘Brand’

When Eric Adams talks about New York’s ‘brand’ it’s hard not to channel a heckler who earlier this year interrupted the mayor while he was speaking to a crowd at Madison Square Garden before a New York Knicks game by shouting, “Shut the f*** up.”

Violent crimes are rising in New York City, with videos surfacing almost daily of people being randomly assaulted on the streets.

You may recall it was just a little over 5 months ago that a gunman shot 10 people on a subway in Brooklyn.

And a woman went viral in recent days for showing off her 80-square-foot apartment that she rents in the city for $650 per month.

That’s your brand, Mr. Adams.

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