The three remaining members of the Try Guys need time to process the events that led the popular YouTube comedy troupe to kick out their friend and co-founder Ned Fulmer, after he confessed to having a workplace extramarital affair.

The Try Guys trio — former BuzzFeed staffers Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang — said they will take a one-week break from their regular podcast release to “formulate our thoughts” given the announcement Tuesday that Fulmer is no longer part of the group. The next episode of the TryPod is slated for next Thursday, Oct. 6.

“The TryPod will be taking a week off, and returning next week on Oct 6. We wanted to take some time to formulate our thoughts before recording the episode,” the group tweeted late Wednesday. “Thanks for being patient.”

Through their PR agency, the Try Guys declined to comment on whether they plan to cast new fourth member after Fulmer’s dismissal.

In a Sept. 27 statement, the group said, “Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys. As a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a path forward together.” That came after a torrent of speculation on social media and Reddit forums that Fulmer had engaged in an affair with a coworker. The same day, Fulmer released a statement admitting that he had “a consensual workplace relationship” and apologizing to the Try Guys, their fans and his wife.

The Try Guys, who first began producing viral videos in 2014 while working at BuzzFeed, have switched their profile pics on social media to the group’s logo featuring a doodle of a triceratops. Listings of the TryPod podcast, however, still show all four members, including on their own site.

“The Try Guys have swam with sharks, survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators, and risked their lives for their videos,” reads the podcast description. “In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living failing upwards.”

Pictured above (l. to r.): Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang of the Try Guys


Todd Spangler

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